How do you augment your reality ?

See how AR GridTM is affecting the future of augmented reality, get the conversion started


AR GridTM by Miralupa bridges augmented reality and blockchain for the AR Cloud

AR GridTM is a blockchain-based distributed global ledger employing tokenized assets to facilitate AR content contribution, publishing, bidding, scheduling and viewing for the AR Cloud. The AR Cloud is the global shared digital 3D space for AR content collaboration, commerce and engagement.

AR GridTM will facilitate adoption of the AR Cloud and, as the transactional infrastructure, provide a real-time 3D global “AR earth market” with users incentivized to participate through tokenized assets.

AR GridTM will also allow consumers to easily engage and interact with deployed AR content from anywhere on the planet at any time on any device.

The following apps and brands use MARGETM :

Huge potential

  • The AR market is exploding
  • Increase of potential users thanks to huge technology advancements
  • Number of players in the AR field makes open source consensus “standard” a necessity.
  • Without the AR Cloud and the AR GridTM, content publishers/producers will have a very segmented market and will not be able to reap the potential benefits of AR.

A strong foundation

  • AR dream team with deep experience in all aspects of augmented reality
    • – Software engineering / Communications / Marketing / Management
    • – Respected and experienced partners
  • Range of projects delivered to clients in many vertical markets:
    Interactive entertainment, events, museums, architecture, sales, marketing, engineering and insurance